Photography Exhibition

Grandma’s House by Linda Ozromano


Art Description
Grandma’s House is a photographic series and installation documenting Linda Ozromano’s grandparents’ house in Istanbul, Turkey while exploring concepts such as hyphenated identity, roots, heritage, sense of home and belonging. Coming from a Sephardic Jewish background, she portrays the living memories of her childhood as a tribute to her grandparents while retaining the traces of her ancestors from the Ladino language to Sephardic music, recipes and family traditions. Her work has also been a healing tool for her to share her personal narrative in response to dealing with emotions of grief and loss. In 2017, Grandma’s House project was awarded the ‘Cultural Diversity in the Arts’ grant by the Edmonton Arts Council, a program funded by the City of Edmonton to recognize that artists from all parts of the world enrich Edmonton’s cultural scene.Artist Bio
Linda Ozromano is an Edmonton based visual artist and 2017 recipient of the Edmonton Arts Council’s Cultural Diversity in the Arts Project Grant. Born and raised in Turkey, she experienced a rich mosaic of culture, history and religion. She considers photography a fascinating and engaging way to describe heart and mind opening encounters in her life. She collaborates with local and international artists on community art projects as a way to address different societal issues and held exhibitions in Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton. She focuses on storytelling, social documentary and travel photography.