Preparations underway for Hatzafon 2014

In between arranging for Edmonton’s only kosher deli, coordinating volunteers and a varied marketplace I haven’t lost sight of the main reason for all this effort – Israeli dance!

I’m really looking forward to our line up this year – revisiting some of our favourites from our repertoire and introducing a few new dances as well. After performing Adama V’Shemayim (Heaven and Earth) under the open sky on the small Heritage Days stage this past summer it will be such a pleasure to dance with the entire group on a larger stage. For the first time EVER our artistic director Sari Uretsky Leung told us that we looked great – our dance is ready – a few weeks before the show!

This past summer Sari and I attended the Festival Karmiel in Israel, the Woodstock of Israeli dance. We had the opportunity to meet and perform on the big stage (think rock concert with over 100 dancers) with noted choreographer Shuki Hoffman. She and her son Yaniv choreographed “Birds” which has become quite popular in Israel and we are looking forward to debuting this number here in Edmonton. (This is our white dove costumes in the photos below.)

While I won’t give away all of the dances I will say that I am most looking forward to another new number choreographed by our own Sari Uretsky Leung and Rebeccah Rosenblum having the number with the entire ensemble of adults and teens on stage. I think it is so impressive to see so many people on the stage given that we began with only 5 or 6 members in 2006.

But most of all, I am thrilled to be dancing with all three of my daughters in the grande finale that all festival dancers on stage. How is that for some quality time with my daughters?!

– Stacey Leavitt Writght

Aviv Dancers - Edmonton


Aviv Dancers - Edmonton


Aviv Dancers - Edmonton


Aviv Dancers - Edmonton


Aviv Dancers - Edmonton

It’s Here!

Mayim 2
The big day is here! Festival Hatzafon runs today from 12 – 5:30, with shows at 1 and 3:30, at the Westbury Theatre, TransAlta Arts Barns. Enjoy the Marketplace before, in-between and after the shows! Come and see the Mayim Dancers perform their new number, “Mum, Dad & Everyone Else,” about the young soldiers who are enlisted into the Army. Still a few tickets left to be snagged at the door!

T-shirt Day

tshirt dayOne step closer to the big day! Festival Hatzafon tshirts are in! You can buy yours in the Marketplace at the Festival this Sunday, 12-5:30, Westbury Theatre, TransAlta Arts Barns. See you there!

Festival Hatzafon on CTV Morning Live!

Click Here to see a video of representatives from the Aviv Israeli Folk Dance Association on CTV Edmonton Morning Live! Come in out of the cold this snowy weekend and enjoy the second annual Festival Hatzafon (aptly translated as Festival of the North)! Shop, eat and mingle in the Marketplace with vendors such as Hello Deli, Calgary’s B’Gifted, Stella & Dot, Dead Sea products and more! Enjoy one – or two! – live dance performances, too! Still a few tickets left. Don’t have your tickets? Go to to nab yours!

One Week Left!

Today, we had a mass rehearsal that included all the dancers performing in the Festival! We all got to watch the other dances before we get set to perform for everyone in one week. It is so interesting watching how everyone works together to make a performance that everyone can enjoy! We are all super excited to show you what we have been working on all year! Still a few tickets left for both shows… Click Here to nab yours!